Looking southwest over Santa Fe and toward Albuquerque
About every month I will have a "Day in Santa Fe," in which I run lots of errands.  A few weeks ago I had one of these days scheduled.  Bringing Naomi along on these days of errands has definitely changed the dynamics a bit.  For example, a schedule is trickier to stick to.  My list also can't be as long, because she will only tolerate being buckled in-and-out of her car seat so many times in a day.  It's also just generally hard to be efficient with a baby (or child, or children), so my productivity is out the window. 

I approach these days with high hopes, but also recognizing that if I don't do the "musts" first, they may not happen.  The musts on this day's list included: Hobby Lobby (weird, I know), Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Ross, and TJMaxx.  Somewhere in there we also had to get lunch. 

The drive to Santa Fe from the casa blanca (get it?  because my house is white?) takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes.  Naturally, I try to arrange things so that Naomi can sleep while we drive.  This happens successfully about half of the time.  This day was not successful.  Well, I mean it kind of was.  If you count her falling asleep as soon as I began descending the hill into the city. 

Dang it.

Suddenly I realized that autumn was just settling in! I'd heard that the drive to the ski area above Santa Fe was pretty - why not go for a drive?  So I did, and boy did I get lucky.  It was lovely, and the babe stayed asleep until I was nearly back down the mountain.  Mama nature, you rule.  Glad I remembered to come check out your Santa Fe Fall 2014 runway colors.

xo, Ky


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